Remembering Luna

These past few years I’ve been working on a project that is now a completed manuscript of cartoon/verse memoir about my friendship with Luna. It’s her birthday today. She would’ve turned 55 had someone not taken her life when she was fifteen. That her life was taken is not an entirely true statement, since she was a unique and amazing individual who transcended ordinary life—that contained line segment of time with endpoints at birth and death. She existed within a continuum of the collective cosmos, at once ancient and newborn. She was impossible not to love. My heart goes out today to all those who were fortunate to know her. I’ve tried in drawings and words to capture what a wonder it was to know her. Here’s just a glimpse from how it was for me.

This is one spread from the manuscript. It is 200 dyads of cartoons and verse. We were 12 in this moment and I'm narrating. She was still going by Lina.

This is one spread from the manuscript, which in total is 200 dyads of cartoons and verse, to follow our friendship from the day we met to beyond her death. We were 12 years old in this moment. I’m narrating and she’s still going by Lina.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Luna

    1. rfishewan

      I’m working on finding a publisher. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just send it out into the internet universe, but I love holding books in my hand. In the meantime, I need to figure out a way to share bits with friends. We still need to exchange those old letters, so I can send along the beginning for you when I send those to you 🙂

      1. Deirdre

        Yes not sure what happened to the rest of my comment but brendan moved out of moms so I was able to get the letters out of the window seat :)) I will use moms scanner. I love what you wrote about giving away marterial items making space for positive. I needed that thank you

        1. rfishewan

          LOL. Funny that I’m a total pack rat. I even still have the tiger’s eye ring I mention in the poem. But I do try to remember Luna’s wise advice of making room for good vibes by not just getting rid of unwanted things, but by giving away valued possessions. Also, my scanner has been acting up, but I will also send you my batch once I get it fixed or replaced. 🙂

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