Footnote re: Inspiration

Recently, I wrote a brief essay about inspiration for the next issue of I.T Post that’ll be out next month. I love writing short pieces for the same reason I love reading them. . .they’re like tasty snacks that whet the appetite. Snacks never bore me and always leave me wanting more. But brevity doesn’t make room for everything.

Today, it occurred to me that what I didn’t allow room for in the essay was the importance of reading other people’s work. This occurred to me, because I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I can’t figure out why my teachers in high school didn’t make me read this book long ago, instead of The Scarlet Letter, for instance. Totally beautiful story telling. I wish I had a big brother like Jem.

I also read an interview with David Levithan this morning and he said this about his writing process: “I usually have a definite idea of the beginning and a vague idea of the end. Then I just write.”

Then I just write.

I love that.