Drawing Out Words

Sketching helps me write. Yesterday I sketched characters from a YA novel I’ve been sending out. I’ve always had a light hand, so these didn’t scan so well. Which begs the question: when the way you work (and, in this instance, work means doodle) isn’t compatible with the current technology , what should change, you or the technology? It’s like trying to ferret out a relationship. Is it me? Is it him? Should we stay together?

Then again, maybe I just need a better scanner (so, it’s him).

rachel and nate

This is Rachel and the boy she meets while time traveling to 1973. It’d spoil things to tell you his name, but I can say he drives a 1969 Pontiac Ram Air IV GTO and is considering installing an eight-track under the dash.

She suggests cassettes, to which he replies, “Yeah, but the quad-8 is quadrophonic. I could blast out the woofers with that.”