I made this site to offer a glimpse at my creative work, writing, drawings and hybrids of the two. It includes information on my press, zines, cartoons, books and other publications and works in progress. 

My new book By the Forces of Gravity, released in June 2018 through Books by Hippocampus, is a memoir in cartoons and free verse about a 1970s Berkeley childhood friendship cut short by tragedy.

By the Forces of Gravity Book Cover

The background image for this site is from the cover of a poetry book I made when I was about twelve. It was a gift for my best friend (the girl pointing at the moon on the cover). The first two lines from the poem “ZAP!” from that collection give you a taste of my early poetic voice: “Mellow out    space out / Everything is farout” (Still not sure of the caesura in that first line. Is it too much? Not enough? What was I thinking?). I write more better now 🙂

Unless noted, all photographs, drawings and writing on this site is the creative work of rebecca fish ewan and can not be used without her permission.

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