Match-Making: Doodling for Writers

Doodling for Writers released in October and the splendor of this fact has been quiet. Promoting a book while the pandemic is mounting a terrible resurgence feels so trivial, so I really haven’t done much to even celebrate its birth—no release party, no book tour or signings. As an introvert, low fanfare feels fine, but in truth this book emerged from my great affection for writers and for drawing. It’s my palm-sized attempt at match-making. My goofy love letter to all those writers who are holed up at home right now struggling to put words to the page. So here’s my pitch:

Dear Word Lover,

I have a friend I’d like you to meet, very fun, loving, loyal, fairly low-maintenance, adaptable and always game for adventure. I think you’d grow to love my dear friend Doodle, if you give them a chance. I know you’ve told me you’re afraid, that all your friends are words, that you haven’t even considered a doodle friendship since you were spurned in third grade, but now you’re home alone with a pen. What’s the harm?

I’ve put together this brief manual to help you get to know and love Doodle. No pressure, but here are links: Doodling for Writers (on amazon) or Doodling for Writers (through IndieBound) or Doodling for Writers (through the publisher).

Love always,


Public IG: @doodlescriptorium