A Few Words About Me

I’m a poet/cartoonist/writer and the founding editor/staff writer & cartoonist/layout artist for Plankton Press, a micropress that currently puts out GRAPH(feeties), a walking zine; Tiny Joys, a zine of small things that make life livable; and Dear Luna, an open letter to my friend Luna & those whose grief from loss is enduring. I’ve also been published in Brevity, Landscape Architecture, Under the Gum Tree, Punctuate, Femme Fotale and Hip Mama and am the author of a creative nonfiction book, A Land Between, and a cartoon/free verse memoir, By the Forces of Gravity,  about a 1970s Berkeley childhood friendship cut short by tragedy. By the Forces of Gravity was released through Books by Hippocampus  June 19, 2018!

Other personal details: born in Santa Barbara, grew up in Berkeley, but have been living in the Sonoran Desert with my family for nearly half my life. I miss the ocean every day.

me with dad as a baby

From a young age, I have been outspoken, despite being frightfully shy by nature. I am no longer bald.

3 thoughts on “A Few Words About Me

  1. wtc48

    I (the proud parent here in this picture) am not bald either, but my own hair style has evolved (or devolved) all the way back to the one shown here.


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