Moments of Joy in a Ridiculous World

So, happiness no longer interests me as a goal
It’s a distraction from life itself
Instead I’m committed to navigating through all the mucky muck
And focusing on moments of joy

Some things really piss me off

Such as: Lolita being selected by other authors as the best book of the 20th century. A book that turned adult male sexual predation of teenaged girls into literature. As a woman who as a young girl was sexually preyed on by men, this makes my skin crawl.

This same group seemed only able to recognize Virginia Woolf and Jane Austen as great female authors in the entire history of literature. Ridiculous.

Here are some links to venues that acknowledge women exist as more than muses and objects of desire and that millions of women write:
Vela Magazine
Hip Mama
Mutha Magazine
Unchaste Readers
Una Comics
Feminist Press
Literary Mama
Seal Press
Dirty Diamonds
Wasted Ink Zine Distro
There are hoards more, but just listing these gave me a moment of joy 🙂
tiny joys 1 cover