Love for the Graphic/Literary Arts Community

I just want to give a shout out the graphic/literary arts community that so enriches my writing/drawing life. I’m a shy quiet person by nature and spend a lot of my time alone, but somehow (not somehow, through words and drawings) I’ve managed to connect to a crazy number of people. Within the long (unfinished and incomplete) list below are thousands of people dedicated to writing and drawing as life, vocation, art and joy. I’m grateful to them all:

Wasted Ink Zine Distro

Hippocampus Magazine and Books

HippoCamp: a conference for creative nonfiction writers

Literary Kitchen

Women on Writing



Off the Page, a monthly workshop and open mic event through WIZD

All the Binders full of writers, the many FB groups full of women (thanks Mitt Romney)

Changing Hands Bookstore

The Creative Nonfiction Podcast

Debutante Ball

Fear No Lit


Under the Gum Tree


Femme Fotale

Mutha Magazine

Hip Mama

Phoenix New Times


Desert Nights Rising Stars

Poets & Writers Live

ASU Creative Writing Program

ASU Landscape Architecture Program

ASU The Design School

All the cartoonists, illustrators and artists who post their work on Instagram

Franz Kafka and all the other writers who have passed on, but whose printed words inspire me.