Doodling for Writers Coming Soon!

Super excited to share that Books by Hippocampus will be publishing my little book on drawing for writers! Here’s a link to the publishers blog post: Books by Hippocampus Blog. It includes this quick video I drew.

My mother-in-law gave me a cool set-up for mounting my phone above my drawing table. I’m just getting to know this new facet of drawing, but it’s fun and I’m hoping to share quick drawing tips with videos. I’ll probably post them on IG, since that’s the social media platform that is the least mysterious for me. I may—if I can figure it out (I just copied code from YouTube for this video, without any idea what I was doing, so there’s hope for future videos!)—post on a page here, so they’re easy to find. I love drawing and love sharing what I know and do.

The book will address drawing in black and white (a big universe of drawing to start with!), so I plan to do some watercolor videos to expand into color. Looking forward to sharing the book and more from the doodleverse!