By the Forces of Gravity, a memoir of loving Luna (Books by Hippocampus, June 2018)

By the Forces of Gravity • A Land Between • GRAPH(feeties) • Tiny Joys • Plankton Press

“Memory is the fourth dimension to any landscape.”—Janet Fitch

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  1. Lucinda

    Hi Rebecca
    I don’t know if you remember me, Cindy Tart, but today I googled Luna’s name and your book was first hit. I lived with the Wilson family on College Street in the back apartment for a while with Joel Fox and star, Luna and Spencer lived underneath us and Kevin lived in that top apartment around the corner.
    I was very good friends with Spencer and others and when Luna disappeared, Joel my ex boyfriend at the time, was actually the one who finally found her. I’m sure you remember all of this it’s something I’ll never forget, let alone the aftermath of the freezing of her brain.
    I’ve been going through my old photo books and just found a picture Of Luna, star, moon and perhaps it to you I can’t remember who this person is? It’s in front of the med on telegraph Avenue. If you would like me to send you a picture of the picture I will happily do so. There’s not that many left that actually knew her then. You can reach me at my email please notify me that it to in the subject line.
    Much compassion
    Lucinda Walker ( Cindy Tart)


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